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Simone Martineau,
7th Sea
A young Montaigne ship's doctor in Zack's Ghost of a Chance play-by-post. Stern, clinical, and posesses a gray moral compass. Interests include cheating death.

Narcisse, 7th Sea
A cameo villain for a friend's game. A Montaigne portier who belonged to the Scmarquis de Schmade family. Villainous shenanigans included an incestrous relationship with her brother, sado-masochistic tendencies, and abandonment of her daughter (a player character). Originally sent to assasinate the heroes, she ultimately sacrificed her life to save her child.

Esmeralda "Esme" D'amours, 7th Sea
My first foray into gaming. A Castillian/Montaigne gunsmith in Zack's epic, year-long A Star to Sail her By campaign. Began the game as an inventor in search of her mysterious father. Ended the game as one of three siblings with scorcerous powers who were specifically created for use in a dark plan. Interests included blood alchemy, creating murder machines, and on-again-off-again romance with Niccolo. Nearly became a villain.

About Me

Chattanooga, TN

B.A. Communication Arts, concentration Theatre Performance, minor Studio Art (2004-2008)

Career Goals:
Become a scholar, a gentleman, and a stage director
Create provocative, imaginative, and relevant theatre

gaming, cooking, reading plays, devising schemes, drawing/doodling/scribbling


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    Your profile is boring. You need to snazz that sh** up.


    Reply from Britters:

    I finally snazzed that sh** up. Kinda.